A Gut Feeling Group Courses and Events Terms & Conditions

Please find below all the terms and conditions for A Gut Feeling Group Courses and Events.

1. Personal conduct

This is a group where people can come together to work on solutions to create harmony between people that may be difficult at times, so please align with the following at all times.

  1. No criticism or negative judgment of any member.
  2. No negative judgement of anybody.
  3. No promotion or suggestions of any drugs, diets or extreme techniques.
  4. Keep on topic of practical psychological techniques and communication strategies.
  5. NO self promotion or selling.
  6. You don’t have to contribute, but be aware your experiences may help others grow.

2. Payments and fees

50% deposit for courses up front and remainder 2 weeks prior to course completion.
Cooking events are payment up front on booking.