"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style"

– Maya Angelou


Book and Pay As You Go

Book online a 1:1 coaching session or nutrition consultation as it suits you. Or request a free short discovery call so I can answer your questions and see if coaching is right for you.

Bundle of Coaching Sessions

Save money and commit to your goal with a bundle of 4 x coaching sessions. Or avail of the health coaching bundle which includes 1 x nutrition consultation and 3 x health coaching sessions.

Healthy Me, Healthy Planet

Make changes in health and sustainability with this 12 wk group course with community support, information sheets, and group coaching sessions. Sessions are a blend of in-person and online.

Group Cooking Events

Learn to cook then relax and enjoy a tasty 3-course meal in a beautiful setting with a small group of like-minded people while learning some nutrition and shopping tips. Events are gluten free or vegetarian.

What is Coaching?

Do you feel dissatisfied or stuck in some area of your life? Not sure how to change it?

Coaching assists you in achieving goals and becoming unstuck in areas of your life using positive psychology and behavioural science.

Coaching supports you in achieving your goals by clarifying your needs, understanding your behaviour, and defining achievable actions towards your goal. It uses some of the same approaches and theory as counselling.

It is about engagement and connection. The coach’s role is to explore, understand and facilitate your learning experience.

It is a challenging but supportive process as it encourages development of self-awareness and brings about change.

How can Coaching help me?

Basically, Coaching helps you make changes.

Many of us can feel dissatisfied or stuck in an area of our life but are not quite sure how to work our way out of it. Or can’t seem to stick with our planned changes.

We may have a goal we really want to achieve but need clarity from our muddle of thoughts, somebody neutral to bounce ideas off and accountability to get tasks done to work towards it.

Partnering with a coach helps you to get clear on your goals, thoughts, emotions, motivations and values. A coach will hold you accountable for your promised actions and help you to understand where and why you are going off track.


  • Life Coaching: managing work stress, work-life balance, business start-up, career change, writing a book, retirement plans, imposter syndrome at work, self-confidence in decision-making.
  • Health Coaching: developing consistency in new behaviours and habits, finding a level balance instead of flipping from “angel” and “devil” patterns, personalised support in implementing a complex new diet or lifestyle advice from a health professional.
  • Sustainability Coaching: identifying, prioritising and implementing behaviour changes to become more sustainable.

What can I expect?

Coaching sessions are conversational with some tools and exercises at times to gain clarity or direction. We typically begin by discussing the goal or current situation and will end every session with some actions to move towards that goal.

Depending on the session and what is needed, coaching can feel like light therapy or like having your own personal project manager. A coach will ask questions to help you get clarity and understanding and decide what actions are achievable and sustainable in the long term.

A coach will gently challenge you to step out of your comfort zone but all the actions and goals are your own and are driven by you. It is an empowering, supportive process that helps you change where you need it most.

Katie offers coaching sessions online, in-person in her studio on the Old Head of Kinsale, or on an outdoor beach or woods walk.

All sessions are confidential, and you can choose to stop or pause at any time.

How do I start?

Contact Katie using our booking form, by phone or email. You can book a session or a short info call first with Katie to find out more about it.

Meet Katie

“Health is a much bigger picture than just our weight or our strength, it is community, environment, passion, delicious food and tuning into our gut feeling.”

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