1 to 1 personal coaching (in person, online or over the phone) Terms & Conditions

Please find below all the terms and conditions for the 1 to 1 personal coaching from coaches and trainers in association with A Gut Feeling.
 All coaching services and communication, email or otherwise, delivered from Katie Lynch, as well as information on the website, blog or podcast has been created to help you become more self-aware and to expand a selection of strategies in life situations.

1. Coaching Disclaimer

I understand and accept that any coaching services or suggestions I will receive during or outside of coaching sessions are not offered as a substitute for professional mental health care or medical care and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any mental health or medical conditions.
 I understand that I am fully responsible for any results of actions that I take as a result of 1 to 1 coaching. I accept that all suggestions and techniques offered by my coach are solely for the purpose of aiding me in achieving the areas of intention I have set with my coach. I have the ability to give my informed consent, and hereby give consent to my coach to support me, but accept and understand that results are not guaranteed.
 I accept that coaching is currently an unregulated industry and that my coach is not licensed by any governing body in the UK even though the sessions may take place in the UK. 
I accept that my coach will completely protect any information I disclose as confidential unless I state otherwise in written on email form. I also accept that if I have reported any illegal activates or that a person’s life is in direct danger then it is my coaches’ responsibility to disclose this information to the appropriate authorities. Also that my coach would have to disclose this information is requested by legal authorities. I understand and accept that forms of technology such as email, text, phone, Zoom and other technology is not always secure and I accept the risks of confidentiality.

2. Coaching duration

1 to 1 coaching sessions can be booked up to a maximum of 3 month in advance of starting only upon agreement with the coach.
 The number, duration and frequency of sessions will be discussed and agreed with myself and my coach before 1 to 1 coaching will commence.

3. Cancellations/ rearranging sessions and late fees

I agree and accept that there is a minimum 24 hour cancellation policy, to which I have to notify and receive confirmation from my coach that I am unable to attend. I agree that if I cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice that I will be pay the full session fee even if I cannot attend.
 A Gut Feeling and all coaches agree that they will provide at least 24 hours’ notice upon a cancellation of a session. 
I agree and accept that it is my responsibility to start the session on time and that they session will finish on time regardless if I am late.

4. Pre booked sessions

I understand that if I take a course of coaching sessions that there may be a time limit on the course. I agree to take the sessions within this time and understand I will forfeit any sessions not taken within this set time period.
 Any fees paid in advance will be refunded within 24 – 72 hours upon request of termination of the coaching. This will be minus any transaction fees and only sessions outside of a 24 hour cancellation time period. 
I understand that if I pay for a session or sessions in advance that I will take the coaching session(s) that I have paid for within the agreed time or the latest of 6 months of the payment or my payment fee is forfeited.
 I understand that even if I have pre booked a course of sessions that A Gut Feeling or my coach retains the right to cancel the sessions, with or without explanation and refund my monies within 72 hours. 
I understand that all sessions will either be in person at an agreed location or over the phone or zoom.

5. Session Fees / Payments

Session fees are to be paid either before (or if agreed with the coach) on the day of the session. All session fees are to be made promptly at due time and a failure to do so could lead to a termination of the coaching contract
. Fees can be paid online by debit or credit card using the PayPal or stripe payments systems, by standing order, by bank transfer. Where receipts are requested by the client, they will be sent by e-mail unless otherwise requested.

6. Between Sessions

Through the sessions the coach may assign tasks or exercises to complete between coaching sessions. There is no obligation for these tasks to be completed, but not doing so may slow the progress for the aims and outcomes of the desired personal outcomes.
 Brief contact in between sessions is completely fine in the form of text or email feedback on the understanding that the coach may or may not be able to return contact immediately. However, continual contact or a more in-depth request requiring at set time will be classed as a partial session and will incur an addition session fees in relation to time taken.

7. Confidentiality

I understand that all information I provide is in strict confidentiality and will never be shared with anybody business or otherwise unless I personally request my coach to do so.

8. Early Termination

In such circumstances, as illness or unavailability due to bereavement or other commitments, inappropriate behaviour by the client, actual or potential conflict of interest, or other reasons, A Gut Feeling can decide to terminate the service to the client early or refuse or be unable to provide further coaching sessions to the client. In such a circumstance the client will be given either immediate or reasonable notice of termination and all monies paid will be refunded within 72 hours.

9. On-line courses

All on-line courses have a 30 day money back guarantee. It is the members responsibility to contact support within this time if they feel the course is not suitable for them and request a refund. All refunds will be returned on the same financial path they were paid on e.g. credit card or paypal. Refunds are not permitted after the 30 day period. 

When 1 to 1 coaching comes as part of an on-line course, although the digital course is eligible for the 30 day money back guarantee, the 1 to 1 coaching is exempt from the refund. However if the client feel that the initial sessions is not as expected or below standard or any breach of terms from the coach, then the client can request a refund for that session and if both coach and client agree then a refund will be made and all further coaching sessions will be terminated.